Land or sea, Sardinian delicacy

The traditional cuisine of Sardinia with meat or fish

The restaurant Antica Trattoria Pizzeria is located in the heart of the historical centre of Olbia, on the city's main street and near the port. In a rustic, but at the same time elegant atmosphere, we have got two different rooms, which are also suitable for ceremonies and events: the spacious interior room and our veranda, perfect for summer outdoor dining. Here, excellence and local Sardinian traditions take shape in our famous appetizer buffet, from which you can freely choose and compose your plate, including appetizers with fresh fish, seasonal raw or cooked vegetables, or tasty bites of local meats. You can choose different starters and main courses with fish or meat from our a la carte menu, some of which are typical Olbia dishes. Instead, if you would like a real traditional Sardinian lunch, please reserve it before your meal: with the necessary advance notice, we would be delighted to prepare our famous Gallura soup and porceddu(roast suckling pig) for you. Additionally, we often have exceptional lobsters. To have a look at our a la carte menu, click the link below.

fish trattoria Olbia
seafood restaurant Olbia
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