Seafood main courses

main courses
  • grilled bream or sea bass;
  • bream or sea bass with Vernaccia;
  • grilled prawns;
  • prawns with Vernaccia;
  • grilled calamari;
  • grilled calamari and prawns;
  • fried calamari;
  • mixed fried seafood;
  • swordfish steak;
  • mixed grilled fish;
  • seafood en papillote;
  • fresh catch of the day

Meat main courses

  • grilled ribs;
  • grilled fillet;
  • fillet with green pepper;
  • fillet with Cannonau;
  • sliced ​​beef with rocket and grana cheese;
  • sliced ​​beef with cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar;
  • mixed roast meat
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