Seafood first courses

  • fregola pasta with seafood;
  • spaghetti with clams;
  • gnocchi with clams and bottarga;
  • spaghetti with bottarga
  • spaghetti with mixed seafood;
  • spaghetti with sea-urchins;
  • seafood risotto;
  • paccheri pasta with shellfish;
  • paccheri pasta with fresh pesto and shrimp

Meat first courses

first courses
  • spaghetti with tomato sauce;
  • malloreddus pasta Campidanese style;
  • gnocchi with Gallura flour;
  • ravioli with Gallura ricotta;
  • spaghetti with meat sauce;
  • trofie pasta antica trattoria style;
  • potato gnocchi with walnuts and radicchio;
  • Nuraghi risotto
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